Remaking the Street Summer School

Our Approach

A blended learning experience based on experiential learning principles.

Geared towards impact.

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During this program, you will be partaking in 4 modules: modules 1 and 2 online at your own pace, module 3 in-residence in Munich, Germany at the Technical University Munich, and module 4 in-residence in Rotterdam, the Netherlands at Humankind HQ. During these 4 modules, you will witness and learn about the extraordinary experiments that European cities have implemented to transform their streets. Academics, professionals, and community experts will be your guide to reimagining the the street.

By learning key academic materials online, much of your time time in Rotterdam and Munich will be spent learning outside of the classroom, with experts who will take you around the city by cycling, walking, and taking public transit to showcase key locations that were transformed by street experiments.

Key Dates

(Tentative, may be subject to change)

Application Deadline (external students):

May 15, 2023


Week in Munich, Germany:

24 July – 29 July

Week in Rotterdam, Netherlands:

30 July – 5 August

Learning Outcomes

  • Examine the connection between accessibility, mobility, and placemaking using the street as a laboratory.


  • Evaluate the success of street experiment projects.


  • Identify how experiments can trigger systemic change in mobility systems

Course Overview


Virtual Classroom

Experience the best of
#streetexperiments week
on Coursera virtually at
the Technical University of
Munich as we bring you
practitioners from around
Europe to share their
experience on
implementing street


Virtual Classroom

Take a virtual tour through
the Hague, Tel Aviv, and
Barcelona to help you
deconstruct the street
and reimagine it with
infrastructure, one
element at a time. The
final project invites you to
make a visual impact by
creating your very own
“Flying cars” animation!


August 2023

Spend a week in residence in the beautiful and historic city of Munich, Germany as you witness experiments in progress while spending time studying at the Technical University of


August 2023

Spend your final week in residence in the bustling city of Rotterdam, the Netherlands to see the best of Dutch transportation planning in
action. From bicycle highways to grassy trams,
the team at Humankind will be your guide to the
transformation of a modern city.

Course Themes

Imagine a world where human experience takes center stage when designing urban mobility systems. We unleash various perspectives through which people can experience their streets, neighbourhoods, and cities. Visual communication is an important way to showcase your vision of how a great street experience merges the human and traffic elements of the streetscape.


Sustainable Mobility



Urban Transformation


Citizen Participation


Street Experimentation

Join us in this learning adventure.

Change your street.

Transform your city.

Our Faculty

Get started today with Module 1 - Planning the Streets of the Future!

Special Thanks


EIT Urban Mobility

Technical University Munich

(Chair of Urban Structure and Transport)